Fanatic Heart: The Story So Far of Black 47

hometeamproductionsPassion, poetry, and politics fuel this rock documentary, featuring the multi-talented Larry Kirwan and 25 years of Black 47, the fabled “House Band of New York City.”

Home Team Productions is in the process of finishing their feature-length documentary about the band, called FANATIC HEART: The Story So Far of Black 47, with a projected release date later this year. The filmmakers are trying to raise funds to complete the editing and sound mixing process.


About the film:

FANATIC HEART: The Story So Far of Black 47 will give the viewer an inside look at the art and business of rock & roll, with a veteran of the rock wars as our guide.

We’ll not only chart the progress of a band, but the process of a musician and storyteller.  Larry Kirwan is a playwright, a novelist, a memoirist, and his songs are full of story, of heroes sung and unsung, linked by the fire of freedom.  Through his eyes, we’ll look at some of the events that profoundly affected the band’s history – as Kirwan puts it, “the loves, the losses, and all manner of other things.”

Find out more about the film and how you can support Home Team’s work on their Indiegogo page.