“Green Beans & Mosquitos”

IAW&A member Marni Rice debuts a new dance-theatre performance called “Green Beans & Mosquitos: a reflection by two women in the Americas” at the WOW Café Theatre on Saturday, November 12th at 8pm.

The performance is a co-creation by Xio Evans Marni Rice Experimental Dance Theatre:

This original creation is a Dance-Theatre piece, exploring the stories of two women from two different Americas, Central America & North America at the turn of the 20th Century. Through movement, sound and text they explore the development of trade and agriculture, by women who worked the land and lost their share of it, for very different reasons. Through imagery and story they confront issues of oppression and show the inevitable strength of women and their role in shaping history.

Xio Evans, Puerto Limon, Costa Rica (Text & Choreography) & Marni Rice, New York, USA (Text & Music).

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