Board member Sarah Fearon profiled in the New York Times

IAW&A co-director Sarah Fearon was the subject of a New York Times article entitled “Selling Property and Punch Lines” in the paper’s November 4th issue.

In addition to being a stand-up comic, Sarah sells real estate for the Corcoran Group, where she was recently named one of the top 25 real estate agents in Manhattan.

From the article by Corey Kilgannon:

While some people may see nothing funny about Manhattan real estate, Ms. Fearon, who is both a sales agent for the Corcoran Group and a stand-up comedian, seems to seamlessly combine two careers that she says complement each other remarkably well.

“If you are in the real estate business, you have to have a sense of humor, and if you are in show business, you have to have a real job,” said Ms. Fearon, for whom comedy and acting gigs are good opportunities to find real estate clients. Also, many clients who never realized she was a stand-up have become fans of hers.

“In both,” she said, “you have to pound the pavement, and audition to win people over, and hopefully you get a callback and close the deal.”

Featured image by Ángel Franco for the New York Times.